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This content was written for allegiance title and escrow.

If you are seeking exceptional closings Tulsa services and are inquiring which title and escrow company to employ, look no further than the full service title and escrow agency who have been in operation for over 30 years. Allegiance Title & Escrow has you covered for any of your real estate, property, title and escrow needs. We encourage you to contact us for your free consultation today. We Will give you a free consultation in order to earn your business. We believe that before you engage in business with a title and escrow company you should have the ability to discuss all of your goals so that everyone is on the same page. This is the way we increase the odds of a successful closing operating efficiently, effectively and smoothly. Whether you are a buyer or seller, lender or realtor, you deserve the fastest title turn around in Tulsa. Allow us to gain your business during your free consultation where you will see how competent we are in real estate, title, escrow and many other services.

The most successful closings Tulsa keep everyone on the same page. We believe that the buyer, seller, lender and realtor should walk away from the closing table satisfied. That is one reason why we realtors choose us for it their clients needs. Not only do we work quickly, efficiently and effectively, but we also help in every Avenue the way. We assist realtors with client demand, judiciary responsibilities, residential, new construction, commercial, short sales and investment property deals. We are the experts who have seen it all.

We also work for lenders. Lenders have seen exceptional service by using Allegiance Title & Escrow. We help lenders with any step possible. We help prepare disclosures, review closing documents and disclosures with the buyer, and pay the proceeds with a check in-house. We allow your clients to walk away completely taken care of and being satisfied. Receiving knowing you are recommending a title and escrow company committed to excellence.

Not only do we achieve exceptional realtor and lender satisfaction, but we are also in business to work for you, the buyer and seller. Our buyers and sellers are committed to excellence. We can help with title insurance, deeds transfer, or simply guide you to prevent and work through predicting any potential delays so that your process runs as smoothly as possible. We also provide services for title insurance, lender solutions, real estate and data solutions, 20 and trust services. In addition, we are the experts in legal solutions, escrow, real estate, closing and notary services. We truly are a full-service agency committed to 30 plus years of excellence. We truly have seen it all and therefore are equipped to handle any situation presented.

For the best experience in closings Tulsa we encourage you to contact Allegiance Title & Escrow. No matter your closing or escrow needs, we will achieve all of your goals. We encourage you to learn more about how we have been able to satisfied buyers, sellers, lenders and realtors by visiting our website and going to You may also contact us for your free consultation at 918-392-7100.

Closings Tulsa | a closing and title company committed to your needs

This content was written for Allegiance Title & Escrow.

This content was written for allegiance title and escrow. Are you seeking a title and escrow company who is completely committed to helping closings Tulsa transactions reach their full potential? Whether you are a buyer, seller, lender or realtor seeking title and escrow services, we have the knowledge and experience at Allegiance Title & Escrow. Allegiance Title & Escrow is a full-service title and escrow company assisting lenders, realtors, buyers, sellers and more than 30 years. With a company operating for over 30 years you can guarantee that they are offering exceptional services that will leave every party completely satisfied when they walk away from the closing table. We offer our time at no cost to you a free consultation to discuss your needs. We believe in earning your business. That is why we will discuss with you your real estate, property or title and escrow needs before you even begin doing business with us. We are proud to say we offer the fastest title turn around time in Tulsa. If you believe in your transaction deserves effectiveness and efficiency all the while creating a positive experience seek none other than Allegiance Title & Escrow.

We work for the buyer and seller two. We help with title insurance, deeds transfer and guide you through every step of the way to guarantee efficiency. We are the experts. That is why we are able to help you prevent delays by predicting any potential processes that may need to be addressed before the closing process begins. Buyers and sellers have been satisfied with our services for over 30 years and continue to use us for their closings Tulsa needs.

We also have success with realtors. We help realtors with client demand, fiduciary responsibilities, residential, new construction, commercial, short sales and investment property services. Realtors have experienced exceptional service not only for themselves but also for their clients for years and we continue to do so. Be the realtor offering efficiency and satisfaction for any closings Tulsa services your clients need. Don’t your clients deserve the best? We believe so. That is our commitment at Allegiance Title & Escrow.

We also work to help lenders. We been helping lenders for over 30 years. We help prepare disclosures in a quick and efficient manager for your clients. We understand that you as a lender work hard to achieve exceptional customer service for your clients. That is why we treat your clients with the same amount of respect and satisfaction. We also review your disclosures and closing documents with the buyer and make sure they completely understand every detail before we proceed. We will also cut the check and pay any proceeds that day. Lenders appreciate us and have nothing but positive things to say about our exceptional title and escrow services.

You may learn more about our exceptional services and commitments to buyers, sellers, lenders and realtors by visiting our website at You will find testimonials from people just like you testifying about how amazing we made their closing service. Contact us for your free consultation by calling us at 918-392-7100. We look forward to walking with you every step of the way to achieve your real estate or any other property goals.