Closings Tulsa | What is all of the fuss over us about?

As the top of the line in Closings Tulsa, here at Allegiance Title & Escrow, LLC we are the best! We can promise you this? You will never need to go anywhere else for your title and escrow needed. We cannot wait for you to reach out and give us a chance. Not only are we the absolute best in our area, but we also have the best experts on our team. We are a locally owned and operated business, run by a team of real estate attorneys who have over 30 years of experience in this area. So not only do we have the best reviews, but we also have the biggest knowledge base. No question of yours could stump us! So go ahead, do your worst!

Just because you find yourself at loss for who the best is in Closings Tulsa and Owasso, does not mean that you are without hope! Here it Allegiance Title & Escrow, LLC, we are continuously trying to earn your business, as long as you repeat business and your referrals for when your family and friends want to know who handled your buying and selling needs so expertly. We want you to be 100% comfortable in your title agent and escrow agent from day one, and stretching on forever. We do not want you to have to go anywhere else! You will want to keep coming back to us again and again, because of how well we take care of our customers. Our customers are part of our Allegiance family, and we cannot wait to prove that.

You will never believe how easy it is to get your Closings Tulsa scheduled and set up. Here it Allegiance Title & Escrow, LLC we take care of everything like that for you. We get everything coordinated between you, your mortgage lender as well as your real estate agent so that you do not have to make dozens of phone calls and trying coordinate between three or four different people and what time works best for everybody.

Regardless of who you are (the buyer, the seller, a refinancing customer, or even the mortgage lender or real estate agent), we offer the best of the best in customer service and satisfaction! If we are working with you, you are family! We cannot wait to present to you, so give us a call today so that we can go over just how amazingly are and how well we will treat you from the very first phone call.

So what are you waiting for? We are waiting by the phones for you to give us a call. I number is (918) 392-7100 and our website is, and we are waiting on you to check us out. Give us a call and get your free consultation scheduled for the week go over each and every possible scenario in situation that may pop up throughout your closing process. We cannot wait to hear from you!

Closings Tulsa | Are you unsure of how to close on your home?

Who should you trust with your Closings Tulsa? That is a very good question. Allow me to answer that for you! Here it Allegiance Title & Escrow, LLC, we are your number one title and escrow service company in the Tulsa and Owasso area. Whatever your situation may be or whatever you may be needing at that point time, we are here for you! We want you to trust that we have your best interests at heart, and are looking out for you as a person and not for you as a commission paycheck. We understand that there is very little trust in the real estate industry, whether it is your mortgage lender or your real estate agent or even your title agent. We look to alleviate that by maintaining the most professional and courteous relationship with you, while maintaning our friendly and upbeat attitude. You will not receive any better customer service anywhere else in the world.

When looking to choose who to handle your Closings Tulsa, why look elsewhere? Here it Allegiance Title & Escrow, LLC we have it you could possibly need. Whether you are buying your home, selling it, handling the mortgage affects or acting as a real estate agent, we are here for you! We understand that hardly anybody knows anything about titles or what goes into a title search or title insurance, or escrow account, or deed transfers or 1031 exchanges, or even closing services. This is why you need us! As the number one title agency around, we know we are doing.

Here at Allegiance Title & Escrow, LLC, we are the go to location for Closings Tulsa and Owasso. We are here for you 100% of the way. From day one, when you decide to start looking at how certified to sell your current residence, all the way to the closing table. Which coincidentally is in our office! We cannot wait to hear from you, and to get your free consultation scheduled today! We are looking forward to learning about your needs and what goals you have in mind. As well as being able to earn your repeat business, so that you will never have to look elsewhere for your title and escrow needs.

Or maybe you are the mortgage lender on the file, or their real estate agent? Whatever the case, it Allegiance Title & Escrow, LLC we are working for you! We are going to be the main point of contact for all parties involved, so that you will not have to be calling seven or eight different people in order to get different answers and not receive what you really need. We understand the frustration of the entire process, and looked alleviate as much as possible.

Whatever step of the process you are on, or if you have not even started to look for a home or think about selling your current home, we are waiting on you to give us a call to get your free consultation schedules that we can help out! Our phone number is (918) 392-7100 in our website is and we are just waiting on you to reach out. We are looking forward to working with you, and earning your business as well as your friends and family business when you refer them to us because we are the best!