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Are you a real estate agent, real estate broker, or just an individual who needs help closing your investment properties? At Allegiance Title & Escrow We are able to provide all the closing services that you need for your real estate property. All of our staff are more than knowledgeable and capable of being able to get you to the closing table and be sure that it is a smooth process. We want to make sure that you have all the information that you need before you get to the closing table and when you get to the closing table so that we are confident with signing all the papers. With over 30 years of experience you can be confident that we are to be able to provide you the best services for any type of closings in Tulsa that you need.

If closings in Tulsa are what the services you are looking for and you live in the Tulsa or Owasso area we are to be able to service you perfectly. Whether you have a commercial or residential property that needs to be closed we can help you or both of those no matter what it is. Even if you have investment properties that you need to close we can help you with that as well. You can schedule a free consultation with us so that way we know exactly what you need to make sure that your closing process is easy for you. We want to make sure that we reach all your goals and your demands regarding your property. It’s important to know that we provide real estate closing and title evidencing products to legal, real estate and lending industries. We love to assist individuals, lenders, and realtors with the closing services they need.

We want to build relationships with all working parties that way we are able to optimize the settlement experience. We want to make sure that we are looking at every part of your closing process to ensure that you are to be saved from any kind of unexpected problems. So with the help of our attorneys who are on-site they are to be able to let you know if there any pitfalls or any obstacles in the way that could delay your closing process. We also understand that each client is unique and what they need for their closing deal. So we want to cater to each and every client in a unique way so that way you get the goals and demands met that you need to be met. So whatever closing processes in Tulsa that you need you should look to Allegiance Title & Escrow to provide the services for you.

If you need a little bit more convincing about our services fill free to look us up on Google and check out all the reviews that we have from previous clients that we have worked with. You will see very quickly that we always meet up to the standards And surpass the standards of our clients. All of our clients have never had any issues and we went to make sure that we continue to work diligently and quickly so that way you can get things done that you need to get done

If we sound like the perfect company for you to work with visit our website at and fill out our contact card so that way we know you are interested in becoming a client with us or give us a call at (918) 392-7100 and we can get a free consultation scheduled for you quickly.