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If you know that it is time to buy or sell your home, or maybe it is time to purchase a new commercial real estate location, or maybe you are simply attempting make a quick property sale, you should also know you deserve nothing but the best. Allegiance Title & Escrow is the answer in your search to find the best home closing in Tulsa services. We are the company that has over 30 years of full-service title and escrow experience. We truly are the experts in our field. We have over years of experience in helping you perfect the process. We offer the fastest title turnaround time in Tulsa. This is something we’ve been working hard for years to achieve. We are extremely proud of this title. We know that once you purchase your new property, you have a list of tasks that you need to accomplish and getting the deed as quickly as possible is key. That is why we make it our goal to not only work efficiently and effectively, but quickly. We want the process to go as smooth as possible for you. We have a commitment to our clients. That is why we offer free consultation. We believe that during your free consultation you should have a firm grasp on exactly what needs to be done to accomplish your goals as quickly as possible. That is why we go out of our way to discuss all of the steps with you before you even pay us a dime. We want turn your business. At that is what the free consultation is all about.

Realtors recommend us to their clients because they know how committed we are to efficiency. We also have been known it to us is realtors with client demands and fiduciary responsibilities. They know that we are the experts in almost any type of closing transaction. We are experienced in residential, new construction, investment property, sure cells and even commercial real estate. That is why realtors trust us and recommend them to find the best home closing in Tulsa with Allegiance Title & Escrow.

We also work hard to satisfy lenders. Leaders recommend us because they know that their clients will get paid immediately during the closing process. We pay with a check that we issue in-house for the proceeds of your sale. We also work hard to prepare disclosure documents for lenders and review the disclosures with clients. This is why lenders count on us and trust us for their clients needs. They know we work efficiently to get the job done.

Every buyer or seller of any type of property seeking closing services deserves to find the best home closing in Tulsa and that is why we encourage you to contact us at Allegiance Title & Escrow. When you contact us for your free consultation you will quickly see our level of passion and commitment to excellence.

Don’t just take our word for everything we are telling you. Fact check us! We encourage you to visit our website by going to to learn more about our way of offering closing services. You may also contact us by calling us at 918-392-7100 to discuss your needs during your free consultation today.