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So have you noticed that you need to deal with an abstract question mark do not even know what that is customer quote that this is a type of title that is balanced to the historic information concerning the land that your property is based on. This will show the entire chain of the ownership from the time that the property was first recognized to the time that you obtain the property. So this ton of documents over the include items that will pertain to your land. It is very important to have an abstract, so you can know the full value of your land. This means that it can be a marketable title marketable title and a piece of property. So if your abstract is brought up to date, at the it will certified that includes all of the documents in the land records. These include ad valorem tax payments. Includes property tax payment. And includes any court items about the tract of land.

If you needed deed, the deed is an instrument that is executed and acknowledged for the proper County. This will allow you to create a title and grant to you with respect to a particular property that can be covered by a deed. If you’re in Oklahoma, Oklahoma states that any deed must be executed by two parties. This includes a husband and a wife even if one of the spouses is not necessarily within the title.

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