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This is Brandi and Lindsay with Allegiance Title talking about life. Brandy, what’s going on in your life right now, just macaron baby, we’ll get back to that. We’Re currently building a kind of interesting are home builder is Paragon Builders and we hired a designer because guess what house of a lot of decisions – and we all know how I feel about decisions they have made it so easy. If you’re looking for a designer and Julia with Kuykendahl designs is a great place to go, she’s made my life easy she’s, their responses. If she’s worked really well with our Builder, I think he’s thoroughly enjoyed the process.
You really appreciates that someone can make a decision. Cuz, we all know how I am about that what kind of decisions. Are you having to make countertops for my gosh? Tulsa Title Company They ask you, which way you want your crown molding cut, who knew there were two choices. What is been? The hardest decision you’ve had to make so far, I think, was really hard about the process and what they can do so well. If they see the big picture, I can’t my Pinterest looks like a farmhouse gone. Tulsa lost. It just doesn’t work for me to have everything I like they’re, very good, at coordinating the elements to make a cohesive structure where my Pinterest would be bad. Do you think it’s helped you having a designer? Yes, she certainly keeps is on schedule and on budget on budgets really important to some in my family and the schedule is really important to others. We get so caught up in work and busy that the the schedule kind of would like for us.
So, what’s going on with you, I am just a building a website and how’s that going it’s going great. What’S your favorite part of the website, my favorite part would be better that done, but it’s done. The content is ready and what’s been, the most troubling part hardest. Part hard part is been when I’ve worked on a page for about 2 hours and then I hit update, and it says this page cannot reach the server. That’S a little frustrating. Yes, yes, yes, but have you learned through this process? I have learned that I now know what an SEO is: a search engine Optimizer. I now know how to effectively promote your business on Google and how to ask customers and clients for Google reviews. Can you tell me the importance of a Google review? Yes, the importance of a Google review is that when people look up your website on Google – and they see all those wonderful reviews

hopefully they can see what kind of experiences people have had at your business. What do you think you do when you get a poor Google review? What’S the proper course of action, for that proper course of action would be to tell the customer. You are sorry that they had that kind of experience and that you would like to contact them and talk about it over the phone and see if they can make situation better. Luckily, Tulsa Title Company we haven’t had a lot of experience with that yet, but, as we all know, Google is Google. Yes, what else is going on with you? Personally, I’ve been filling out wedding packages. How is that going? Tulsa Title Company every title company now has to be vetted with a lender. As you know, wire fraud is on the rise, yet where fraud? Yes, would you like to explain why a friend so every time a wire is sent, it requires wiring instructions, those instructions, let the person sending The Wire know where to send it and exactly how been a big deal that wires have people have intercepted wiring instructions since Their own instructions, several people have been hit wires, have been sent to Offshore accounts. It’S a big problem, so lenders and and responsible mortgage parties have come up with these wedding packages which try to keep everyone on the same page about what the best practices are. Best policies and procedures way to prevent the fraud. One thing we’ve done personally, that small is we now ask all of our clients to let their clients know. Please don’t send any money without a verbal verification from someone in our office, but the packages are back-to-back and they’re they’re quite time-consuming. Yes, he did yes. Also. Tulsa Title Company You have to certify and self-certify an audit and things that we are always doing, but actually quantifying those into words has been been quite a a job. Yes on top of juggling closings and your other, your other average daily duties. You got a big weekend plans. No, no kids birthday is this weekend. It’S a it’s a miracle. That is a Christmas miracle.
Yes, it is yes, it is. How was your run this morning? It felt like a snail and peanut butter, smell and peanut butter. Bring that to me. Well, it was really humid and I was pushing a stroller this morning. I aspired to be that woman with the stroller that everyone wondered how she was going faster than you do. You have the BOB stroller I do have the ball. I do have to go out and have the best running partner on the planet she pushed halfway. It will rain very positive because I was dying. Did you work out this morning? No, I did not yesterday morning yesterday morning. Yes, I did I ran yesterday morning. Then I worked out Monday morning. It’S only Wednesday. Yes, according to my fitness pal, I am 4 out of 5 days in to my fitness goals. I will tell you, Tulsa Title Company I personally feel like waking up and working out, make me better prepared for the day. It is how I deal with stress gets be awake. Yes, I completely agree. I last night, whenever I set the alarm at the later one, not even paying attention that the later ones, so it was like. Do you want to shower? Do you want to be nasty and sweaty, and so I decided to shower, and this evening I will be letting my daughter watch either Octonauts or and what is that a Little Einsteins? Oh yeah, we let you know I’ll talk to her and I’ll be going to work out. It’S going to happen makes you better mama. I think we’re going to play soccer this weekend. Where would you guys play Metro, Tulsa soccer? That’S great! My daughter loves it. She, you know couple practices a week and a soccer game good deal.

How was practice last night hot, I thought about you. I thought about you for a while. While I watched her, it was great, very informative, hear anything good lately and you’re in Oakdale website website. No, but I would like to read the cells machine. Yes, we can talk about that puppy, a good one, yeah yeah that would be going to watch football this weekend. More than likely yes I’ll. Try to. I know my husband will be I’ll, probably be an entertaining. Is a toddler looks like rain on Sunday as well, so we end or entertaining awesome me. I like to go to the park and we’re out of places to take her. She loves when her favorites is Bentley Park in Big B. Oh yeah, I love that one and I feel pretty safe because it’s fairly Vince yet I don’t feel like. I have to see every second. Yes, yes, name an awesome Splash Pad, but she won’t get in it. When we were there last, a child was running through the splash pad with no shoes on which is what my children personally like to do, and slipped and cracked their head up on, because the concrete it’s a little wet.

Oh, my gosh, you saw that then she definitely would never get on there no and Hunter when he was younger. It was hard for him because the buckets dump right on your head. Yes, and he wasn’t fan no. I can’t really blame him for that. That would be kind of a. I mean he didn’t like a shower either, but we had to get over that too. When does that? Stop cuz mine still frozen if it when it’s bath night, like it’s a shock like we do it every day, Tulsa Title Company¬†and I don’t understand that my girl is 7 and we still have that problem 3 days a week. Awesome she’s good 3 to 4 days a week, but three days a week, life is just hard man, but then again me too, usually when she gets in there and she starts playing then she’s, okay, but Easton to happen. To that point, it’s like I’ve learned her complete evening and let you know it’s hard to say yes in my bride would be ice cream, yes for bedtime, so we all know how that Sugar goes. Yes, nothing like a server hide three year old. Tulsa Title Company That’S right! Alright! We’Re going to wrap it up for today and we’ll see you next time.