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Last week we send our prayers to the people in Houston, the Caribbean every been affected by Arma and also think about the people who scored Bennett substrates as far as hurricanes. Alright, let’s talk about real estate. I’M always asked from prospective sellers. Do I need a realtor or not and there’s really not a set answer?
\My pinion is absolutely I’m going to ask Google why and a couple reasons: the market, your property, obviously like you can’t they can get it on MLS multitude. More people than us for sale by owner, which in turn typically result in a higher sales price, so one you’re more than likely going to get more money for your property through a realtor. Then, if you would sell it yourself, the other thing that I tell people better think about some property themselves deals with their contract. What you write in that purchase contract matters, as matter words matter in typically for sale by owners, are fine until their buyer, getting financing and in the buyer comes back and he asked for the seller to pay a certain amount of closing costs, or he goes VA And the seller has to pay some closing cost, Tulsa Title Company because the buyer can’t and sellers just don’t know the ins and outs of what they required to pay and things like that on a when the buyer comes and says: Okay, I want to buy your house, but I Want you to pay him ,000 in closing cost it matters how that’s written the final closing cost. Are you can’t have the seller responsible for certain cost in the contract and then write an addendum agreed to pay additional cost,
because the way that won’t will be interpreted and it never fails, we get the closing. We get the closing on a for sale by owner and the sellers paying more cost.
Then he went to spray paint and it becomes a thing and fortunately want you signed that contract you’re bound to it. So there aren’t any do-overs. You know I can’t correct it by what you put so for those two reasons, my bicycle always is I realtor a good realtor when you go to sell your house, something else that I’m always ask about is do I need, but the basic answer is
without a Title opinion: you don’t even know the person selling you, the house owns the house, you don’t know about liens, you don’t know about mortgages. You don’t know about the problems with the title. If you’re getting a loan, your lenders going to require how to be red. So here I come make sure decision, for you will win it. Winners are also going to require a title, insurance policy and again that makes the decision for you owner’s title insurance highly recommended it’ll protect you again against Wayne’s mortgages fraud within the chant title, Tulsa Title Company someone signing a deed as John Smith that wasn’t John Smith, mechanics lien; everything That could possibly arise you. It will protect you again so highly recommended again if it, if you’re taking a loan out your you’re already going to have to buy it before the lender because of winter storm to require it additional cost to add owners to that is. Is minimal, so it’s a good deal highly recommend that you get it surveys for seconds. Do I need a survey Melvin Mike this house has been on 50 years ago? Why didn’t? Why? Don’T you answer back? You, 95 % the time you’ll be fine without one.
It’S the 5 %, which you worry about, Tulsa Title Company and it’s a risk reward thing you do you want to spend the for the need it problem is that one time we’ve I’ve seen properties houses that they have been on a certain lot for 50 years, that that had A sewer line built directly old sewer line a cancer line. They came in back in the 1970s and they built the house for a couple sewer line. The only way that came about as far as the buyer, knowing about it, was the survey and are they going to have to reroute that sewer line around the house which the Homer’s going to have to pay for, and it’s tens and tens of thousands of dollars Or you back at that contract because of that sewer line, lesser cases and houses are built over easements building lines. All the time love Builders button, a lot of them don’t check the building lines. They don’t check where the easements are you’re going to want to know.
What’S in that easement is there anything actually under the house we go in happy totally smart. Have it examined to see if utilities are alongside the house or if there are any under the house problematic when there are utilities, obviously under the house? At that point, we look at what the utilities are. Can they be move your cable TV and electrical line don’t like seeing their, but those can all be fairly easily once you get to gas lines, sewer even even water lines, it was special. It was very costly to move those things, and these are all things that a survey is going to tell you what’s the second week of college football’s first week in pro football last week, how the mistake came out with an impressive showing against also about what I Expected from coaches, Tulsa Title Company offense, NFL talent, that often are you expect them to be dominant, a little disappointed with TV showing thought defensively and they would could could have better fight especially with their defensive line. I was surprised I wish you was able to run like they were against them. Tu has a chance to bounce back this week at home against the reason Lafayette, and I expect them to I I think, they’re better to know what they showed. So I look for a big outing this week. Tulsa Title Company  I wish you going on the road small school in the south. It’S always a little scary. Think of all those us too much on the game to be close, maybe through a quarter and a half make it to half-time it didn’t want you to break it. Open OU, the third state school really look good against UTEP this past weekend have no idea what you’d have has, I don’t think, they’re very good. They haven’t been very good in the past, but Baker Mayfield 119 20 in the first half its impressing to go 1920 warming up so again, the ball big game Saturday, how State put it in pretty good last during the war mind, I do think I owe you Bounces back, I don’t Ohio State’s really in the secondary. I think there’s some opportunities there for Baker.